About Vickie Maidstone!!

And hello there and welcome to Vickie’s Page!! On October 24th, 2006 I downloaded and installed the Linden Labs viewer at that time and proceeded to sign up for an account, and then the moment arrived. Entering my account credentials I was immediately transported to what I found out a little later was a welcome center in Second Life.

Gotta tell ya, it was pretty nerve wracking and kinda scary not know what to do that first hour or so, I logged out just to catch my breath and tried again a couple days later. Well, being it was so foreign and new I didn’t know exactly what to do or anything, I had fallen into the water but didn’t drown (LOL), but managed to get up and finally worked my way to the welcome center, abet a bit shaken and a little upset.

I didn’t know at the time how to use the chat or anything but a kindly resident finally got my attention and as he told me I was finally able to communicate with him. We became friends and after that he helped me get started and on my way to what has become quite an adventure, the rest they say is history.

Since then I have gone on improving my looks, skills, and became quite an accomplished hostess working in different clubs around the grid. I also at the time a bit later became friends with other people and soon started joining several groups, one being the Relay For Life Team Friends Fighting Cancer, and our current Captain Ember Farina.

I can say since that October evening when I first even rezzed as we say into the grid I have experienced first hand what such a great community we have, and look forward to many more years in Second Life.


I like to add that I learned a great deal more than I ever dreamed that I could. In so many ways I found out exactly what makes me tick and believe it’s rather crazy or unusual. To think that I could do things I normally can’t do in the real world and yet in a virtual world I can and done far more than I ever imagined

Vickie is the stepping stone to other online communities such as World Of Warcraft and Guild Wars, Eveonline, where in those communities I became a very vicious, down right aggressive person that won’t take no for an answer. I found out that thru these two communities the power of emotions that were released in such a way that it was just unreal.

Even tho these communities deal with combat in many ways I found out how truly deadly my emotions were locked up tight in my life and over time I found out just how really a very nice and wonderful a person I am. This is to say that the release of all that built up inside of me have been released, I been vindicated, I been set free, I am whole in my life and don’t regret one single moment of what I have done and continue to do.

As a World of Warcraft player, I found out just exactly who I was, a mage that held extraordinary powers at my finger tips. All the anger, hurts, emotions I had that were locked up time and again released in a torrent of terror as I wreaked havoc against those who dared me to commit to an action that in the end was victory for me, and yet there’s still unfinished bussiness left to do. Guild Wars allows me to do the same things almost as a Ranger. Unleashing my power against all odds to cause a victory in my favor against those who even dared again to try me, and they lost time and again.

In the end, all the victories and losses came at a price and yet I still came out victorious and a winner.


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