Styling Challenge-Steampunk!

On Wednesday evening at The Models Hub, I had entered into the styling challenge for May, and believe me it was just an amazing experience for me to be a part of something I enjoyed doing! I had already had two steampunk outfits made up anyway, and the one I wore was simple yet elegant. It took some doings to get my outfit as close to perfect except I did miss a couple small details. But in such a wonderful helpful way I was told it can be fixed.

I arrived early to do some practice with my walk and poses, and to make sure I knew what to do before the show started. we had a total of five models and everyone looked absolutely stunning. You can tell careful preparations were done to be in theme, and what a site we were!

I was recently told I could do this to get the kind of wonderful help and advice from the judges and they really admired me for the courage for me to be a part as well. Knowing I am still in training they knew that I would be still new to modeling and believe me even having good constructive critisism and advice sure made my evening so much better!

Then finally with all of us on stage as the judges made such a difficult decisions because we were just decked out in ways that made it hard to declare a winner! Even the MC was dressed in theme as well and other members of the audience were too. But overall we had a tie but sadly one of the winners lost their internet connection at the wrong time! But overall, my first experience in a monthly challenge will get better and making sure that I look over small details will help in the future!I made the remark we looked like a motley crew and the crowd bursted out laughing in response, what a wonderful way to end the evening!


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