Inventory (out of) Control.

As anybody can tell you from the moment you log in to Second Life and begin your journey, you can get mountains of freebies at just about anywhere you go. Especially in the starting areas, and it builds up and up and up. Until one day,you gotten something that you wanted to either wear or rezzed out, and you look and look and look. Until finally you find what you’re looking for right?

I am like others, sit here looking at my inventory window opened and I’m shaking my head wondering how in the world did this mess come about. I can say with out a doubt we all been there and done it. But today, it’s a whole new world that I gotten into in working towards being a fashion model and having to literally sit down and start organizing my inventory and folders.

In the past I have made some sub-folders to put objects in to know where they are but then again, having to spend time looking for something can either found easily or make you go crazy looking. So, after attending a workshop right soon after I started my training I been going through my inventory, some 38 thousand items plus and putting them into folders and subfolders for easy spotting to get to.

Even during my reorganization of my inventory, I found outfits yes OUTFITS I didn’t even know that were made for even the mesh bodies we have today! And I admit I am so ashamed of such a huge over sight on my part. and this makes me feel bad for the designers and creators that I done so. But I’m gonna do what I can to put those together even soon enough!

So, knowing about mesh clothing, bodies and so on I made several folders just for those and made it so I can spot them easily and when I get them I put them right where they need to go, and it will really help me when I’m styling and adding accessories to my outfits much quicker rather than looking all over the place.

The image shows me in process of organizing my inventory, but I will get it done soon! 😀😀😀


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