First Modeling Challenge!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as training to be a fashion model has been nothing but a lot of fun and a whole new learning experience. Two weeks ago Martin Glom gave me an assignment to which I threw myself into and to get two outfits styled and ready. He told me this would be simple and easy so that way I can learn first hand what a model goes thru ad believe me, I enjoyed every moment of it!

He had me to style a formal outfit and a casual beach wear outfit for my first styling challenge and I had fun putting those together. May 15th was the day I was to be ready and I was pretty well excited to do my first challenge. Getting both outfits and my Strut-It huds together proved to be a task I was able to complete on time. Making sure the poses went along with the outfits wasn’t so bad except I did find a couple poses weren’t working so adjustments were made to get them to work finally.

At the appointed time in the afternoon I arrived at the school’s runway and met up with Martin and two judges Tanya Matahari and Catalysis Resident. I had already spent some time in practicing getting my walks and poses down to where I could show what I had learned so far, and at the end recieved some very lovely comments and constructive feedback which will help me further along in my modeling career.

Sure, there were some minor miscues on one of my walks and a couple small issues with one outfit, but overall I was very pleased as well they were as well. Taking my first styling challenge and knowing what areas to work on will help even more as I am now armed with new knowledge towards a successful career for the forseeable future!


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