“Singing In The Rain”!

As an upcoming fashion model I have attended several fashion shows recently to see how the models styled their outfits and observe walking the runway and using various poses. The experience is not only rewarding but also gives me a great idea of what is expected of me once I graduate from modeling school. An invitation  was sent to me to attend another show last night and I went to the Model Hub in the Sprout sim to the Models Workshop and believe me again I was very impressed with the way the models shined as they walked the runway modeling outfits for a rainy day.

I took several pictures and it’s hard to pick out what I wanted but the results are such I’ll show a couple here!

This gentleman looked very dapper in his outfit and reminded me of being British but he is from Australia. The way he stood holding his hand out sure did remind me of them.From France this model looked stunning in her outfit and the red coat stood out in an otherwise gloomy rainy day!From New York I think it was said, this lovely model had to run to keep from getting soaked in a sudden down pour I’m sure but looked just as lovely as well, hopefully she didn’t have far to run!And finally, the models and the CEO and COO for a grand finale together on stage at the close of the show. This was one of the monthly Models Challenges where a theme was selected and the models had to style accordingly, the build is very beautiful and reflected the atmosphere needed to capture the theme. There will be more and I will be writing about them and including more screen captures, and who knows I’ll be on stage myself even!



2 thoughts on ““Singing In The Rain”!

  1. Beautifully covered! TY! BTW you can enter this styling challenge whenever you feel ready, it’s open to all who would like to try! Modeling Students, graduates, curious, or those who just love to style and show off their talents!

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